Sunday, December 13, 2009


I had to be in New Orleans for work, so I managed to squeeze in a visit to Matthew White's exhibit at the Port of New Orleans office, then the Photonola party at the City Park museum.
At the party, I won a gorillapod light in the raffle, and I got to meet another wet plate photographer that I've only talked with via internet.
The official opening for the alt photo exhibit at Homespace in New Orleans was yesterday, but I was unable to make it. My wife is undergoing rehab for Guillian-Barre Syndrome, so I've got to stay close to home. My 4 tintypes are hanging with images by Sally Mann, Jerry Spagnoli, Deborah Luster and Josephine Sacabo, and several others.
Click here to see more on the exhibit.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Demo at PhotoNola

Saturday, I went to New Orleans to demonstrate the "black art" of wet plate photography as part of the photography event Photonola. The demo was at the Homespace Gallery on St. Roch St. where Richard McCabe of the Ogden Museum has curated a show of the work from practitioners of alternative photography.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Claude Levet, one of the best wet plate photographers who ever donned a darkcloth, was in attendance.

Below are some pictures I made at the demo. The sitters were positioned in the same location, but the photos at the bottom had a black cloth covering the window. I prefer the ones at the top. The solarization of the bright exterior light is a nice unusual touch. I used 2 continuous light banks with 5500K bulbs to get the required amount of UV.

Chris Williams of New Orleans sent me these images from the demo. I really like the one of the image on the ground glass.