Friday, December 19, 2014

What I didn't do in 2014.

I didn't get any movie deals this year, after last year's work with the TV show American Horror Story  (look back at last year's post for that shoot), and the 2012 work on the movie Beautiful Creatures. I did make a clip of the scene where my tintypes were used in the movie. Jeremy Irons is using the images to explain one of the teen protagonist's ancestry.

What I was up to for the past year:

 In April, I conducted a gallery talk at the New Orleans Museum of Art for the Civil War photography exhibit. It premiered at the New York Metropolitan Art Museum in 2012, and included many images that had never been displayed publicly.

In June, an image that Kevin Kline and I made in a series won second place at the Art Melt exhibit in Baton Rouge. That was a nice surprise, and a boost to the bank account too with prize money and the sale of the picture.

 I worked with graphic designer Kate Ferry on a poster for the New Iberia Gumbo Festival. The poster has my tintypes of an oak tree at Avery Island, a fiddle, a crab, and cooking a gumbo.

I no longer have my darkroom cart. It had gotten to be such an ordeal to load and unload it that I decided to downsize to a normal darkbox, and now I don't need a utility trailer either. So here's a last look at this masterpiece made by Ty Guillory of Mineola, Texas.

2014 almost gone?

Whew! Where did the past 12 months go, and what do I have to show for them? Stayed tuned.

2014 is almost gone?