Monday, January 19, 2009

WELCOME to the world of wet-plate photography's my first entry.

I often ask myself: why do I live in this 3rd world country called Louisiana? It's flat, miserably hot and humid for several months, and then there's several social aspects that are the subject of national scorn and ridicule. But weekends like the past 2 come around, and I'm reminded of the reasons why I've stayed here for more than 35 years.

Barry and Caroline Ancelet hold their annual pre-Mardi Gras party every January. It is a wonderful event that I look forward to every year. You never know who will show up from around the world. Everyone brings a covered dish and a bottle of wine. Barry and his crew roast a pig. As the sun goes down, fiddles, guitars and accordions rise and Cajun music fills the house.

Here are a few images I made in late afternoon on the side of their house. Let me know what you think.

Caroline and Barry Ancelet.

Katie and Francois Ancelet with hog's head

Louie Ancelet and Anna Laura Edmiston

Jean and Mindy Ancelet

The Ancelet Family

David Greeley of the Mamou Playboys with his new fiddle

D.L. Menard, singer and writer of one of the best Cajun songs ever, "The Back Door."


  1. Cool photos. I just saw your show at Cite des Arts too. Very impressive, Mr C Watkins reincarnate.

  2. Great photos, Bruce! Love the show at Cite also. Esp the Santa Elena Canyon one and the one of jim Phillips. Keep up the good work.

  3. These are beautiful.
    People may say that they can get the same effect by using Photoshop but in my opinion they are mistaken.

  4. Bruce, I recently was viewing old photos of my Acadian grandmother and her family that grew up in the country outside of New Iberia .... I immediately felt the same nostalgia that you are able to impart with your wonderful work. Thanks for sharing your photography.


  5. Beautiful! What is it about this that captures some other essence not seen in a regular photo? I am now "following" your blogspot.