Friday, February 6, 2009

Pete and Robyn

This is Pete and Robyn, an Australian couple we met in Big Bend National Park a day or 2 after Christmas. While chatting in Cottonwood Campground, we invited them to stop in Lafayette while they head east on their 6-month vacation in the U.S.
While they were here for a few days, they joined us at Kristine and Gerard's house and we made this image on the front porch just as the sun was going down on the same day that we took the tintypes of Gerard in the previous post. Pete is wearing a traditional Australian outfit. JUST KIDDING. He borrowed Gerard's fez hat and embroidered coat for an exotic effect.
We took Pete and Robyn to the Blue Moon in Lafayette, Cafe des Amis and Coffee Break in Breaux Bridge. It was a wonderful weekend.

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